Commercial Manager – West Of Ireland (CCI30018)

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Commercial Manager – West Of Ireland

The Commercial Manager oversees the relevant company needs and handles daily business issues while managing company associations and recognising business opportunities. The Commercial Manager is constantly communicating and negotiating with clients & business associates. The Commercial Managers is required to utilise their knowledge to verify, oversee and approve commercial agreements and documentation to ensure the successful delivery of the Contract in conjunction with the Regional Directors.

The Commercial Manager is responsible for:

• Maintaining good relations with clients and their representatives at all times.
• Representing the Company’s interest at meetings held relating to the work under his control.
• Supporting Regional Directors to perform commercial contractual duties as necessary.
• Liaising with other departments to provide information to improve the service provided and received by the Commercial, Financial Departments.
• Preparation of monthly, interim and final valuations, applications for payment, reconciliations of valuations and costs, and certification of amounts for contract, sub-contractors, specialists and suppliers.
• Providing the necessary information to enable an accurate and regular review of cash flow and position on contracts to be maintained.
• Recovery of all monies to which the Company is entitled in return for all work undertaken.
• In conjunction with the Procurement Manager, placing of supplier agreements and sub-contracts on work under his control, where required.
• Maintaining a high level of morale among direct reports.

The principal duties of the Commercial Manager are to:
• Carefully examine contract documents for all contracts under his control
• Carry out a detailed examination of contract documents
• Highlight any anomalies.
• Ensure understanding and adherence to all contract obligations by stakeholders.
• Prepare detailed projected financial outcomes and valuation, cost reconciliations for contract control meetings.
• Liaise with other departments to provide controls to operate during progress of contracts.
• Prepare, submit and agree interim and final valuation dates with client representatives.
• Carry out detailed site measurement of works including negotiations and agreements with client’s representatives for valuation of work as soon as work is completed.
• Prepare, submit and agree interim valuations and applications for payments for all work in progress.
• Prepare contract final accounts for the works, including all adjustments and submit and agree with client’s representatives at the earliest opportunity.
• Ensure that supplier agreements & sub-contracts are placed in good time to suit the contract programme and in accordance with Company procedure.
• Prepare, submit and agree interim and final payments and accounts for sub-contractors, suppliers and specialists.
• In conjunction with the Contracts Manager ensure that all instructions received from client’s representatives are acted upon and all contract obligations are adhered to.
• Carefully record all details involving contractual delays, regardless of causing party i.e. Client, design information, sub-contractors and suppliers, and any other means, and ensure the company’s interest are fully protected by contractual compliance, correspondence and by any other means.
• Organise, in liaison with senior management, the preparation of contractual claims.
• Establish Cost coding, allocation for each project and ensure compliance.
• Attend site progress meetings as required or whenever it is considered in the Company’s interest to do so.
• Liaise with other departments to ensure that prompt and adequate payments are received by the Company for all work undertaken and ensure that prompt payments are made for all services rendered to the Company.
• Provide the Commercial Manager with sufficient information to enable the preparation of monthly and quarterly records of cash flow controls to be maintained.
• Advise senior management of all issues which may have an impact on the performance of the Company, whether commercial, operational or otherwise.
• Monitor and review the performance of sub-contractors, at regular intervals and on contract completion or at any time that a sub-contractor’s performance is problematic, and report this information to Procurement Manager.
• Safeguard all monies, property, documents and confidential information belonging to the Company, clients or personnel. Conduct correspondence and safeguard the interests of the Company when so doing and correctly record its views.
• Provide direction, support and instruction to direct reports, promoting continual improvement and responsibility.
• Manage a team of Quantity Surveyors and Trainee surveyors, guiding, developing and supporting them to achieve their objectives, hold regular development conversations, encourage positive performance behaviours, set detailed achievable objectives for team members and assist them in achieving them.

Individual Attributes:

• Positive communication and interpersonal skills at all levels, be personable and the ability to lead and manage teams effectively
• Be willing to work in an open collaborative organisational culture
• Be self motivated, with good attention to detail and the ability to work using your own initiative


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