Senior Project Engineer (Ireland East)

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The person who is responsible for seeing each phase of a particular project through to completion.

• Read and understand the Company’s Safety Statement and ensure that it is brought to the notice of any employee under your control,
• Ensure that information effecting the health and safety of any person on a proposed site is brought to the attention of the Regional Director/Project Manager/Site Agent in particular (but not limited to);
 Underground services
 Ground conditions affecting the stability of excavations or safety or operatives (soil, water table, toxic substances, gases, etc.),
• Report to Site Manager any unsafe situation observed whilst on site,
• Carry out your own work in a safe manner, take precautions when working on or near public roads or water, wear any necessary protective clothing or equipment,
• Ensure that records are maintained of any underground services laid on site and that, wherever possible, these are defined by marker posts and signs during the construction period,
• Ensure that any design calculations/temporary works certificates for bespoke scaffolds, falsework, etc. are independently checked,
• Should the Project Manager/Site Agent be absent for any reason the Site Engineer will assume this temporary role with regard to Health and Safety and Environmental Issues should they arise.
• Need to be familiar with the companies HSQE management systems,
• Need to be familiar with current statutory requirement in relation to HSE Legislation or at a minimum need to know where to go to get the correct information,
• Need to be familiar with the Form of Contract on the Project and the implications that any variation or change orders will have on the program and costs,
• Need to be familiar with the program and what implication any overrun will have in relation to costs and manpower,
• Check/understand Specifications, Drawings and other Contract Documents,
• Setting out, levelling and surveying the site in accordance with the Drawings and Specification,
• Preparing Labour, Plant & Material Returns,
• Preparing As-built drawings, technical reports, site diary,
• Liaising with purchasing department to ensure that purchase orders adequately define the specified requirements,
• Requisition of materials and plant,
• Liaise with any consultants, subcontractors, site supervisors, planners, quantity surveyors and the general workforce involved in the project,
• Day-to-day management of the site, including supervising and monitoring the site labour force and the work of any subcontractors,
• Planning the work and efficiently organising the plant and site facilities in order to meet programme deadlines,
• Liaising with the Project Manager/planner regarding construction programme, programme constraints etc.,
• Compliance with all safety requirements,
• Resolving technical issues with employer’s representatives, suppliers, subcontractors and statutory authorities,
• Quality control in accordance with company procedures, method statements, quality plans and inspection and test plans,
• Checking materials and work in progress for compliance with the specified requirements.

Knowledge and Experience
• A degree in engineering to support your competency in the role.
• A member of the relevant Professional Institution.
• Relevant construction experience and performance on similar projects a commitment to carry out the project safely in an environmentally friendly way

  • Full clean Irish/UK/EU Driving Licence
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