Our Accessibility Policy

Coffey Group has made every effort to ensure that the design of this website conforms to web standards for both usability and accessibility. Our aim is to provide an equivalence of access to the information on this website for all our users.

Browser Compatibility

We have ensured that the website template set displays on all current browsers including Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 7+, Firefox 1+ and Mozilla/Netscape 7+. If you do not have one of these, we recommend you upgrade as these browsers support web standards which in turn support the provision of fully functional web services for all users.


All images used on the site contain descriptive alt text. In addition, images have been moved into the background where possible.


Where tables are used, we endeavour to ensure that they are written using semantic markup which includes properly labelled header cells to allow screen readers to render the data intelligently. We also endeavour to only use tables in page content where there is a real need for them, in the case of tabular data, for example.


We endeavour to ensure that link text is written to make sense out of context. We have tried to avoid the use of the words ‘click here’ for link text.

Increasing the text size

If you find that the text on this site is too small, you can change it easily by locating the built-in text re-sizing function which is found to the top right of all pages. You can also increase the text size within your browser:

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to the View menu, select Text Size and then either Larger or Largest.

If you use Netscape Navigator, go to the View menu and choose Increase Font until the text is the size you require.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, go to the View menu and Text Size: increase until the text is the size you require

Navigational Aids

We have built a number of useful navigation aids into the website to benefit all of our users:

Access Keys
Access keys are used on this site to support users who do not necessarily navigate using a mouse or other pointing device. The invocation of access keys depends on the what system you are using. For instance, on machines running Windows, press the “alt” key in addition to the required access key and then hit the “return” key. On Apple systems, press the “cmd” key in addition to the required access key and then hit the “return” key.

Breadcrumbing is used on the website to add extra navigation information and to help users locate themselves within the website.

Site Map & Search Engine
There is a linked site map available and a search box can be found on all pages which use the new site templates.