Coffey has successfully implemented our Collaborative business relationship management systems  to the ISO 44001 Collaborative business relationships standard. Coffey is committed to partnering and collaboration in the Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering Industry and the benefits that can bring to the organisation. We are committed to putting in place, initiatives to improve procurement and project delivery through early design team engagement, contractor involvement in design and cooperative client relationships.

We believe partnering and collaboration will lead to;

  • Opportunities for value engineering and cost savings,
  • More efficient use of technologies,
  • A systematic approach to identification and management of risks.

To emphasise the importance of our collaborative practices, Coffey will communicate this policy to all employees and partners and seek their active co-operation in its achievement. The directors and management require the active co-operation and commitment of all members of staff to ensure the effective implementation of this policy.


CPY-GN-031 Collaboration Policy


BSI ISO44001 2024 Collaboration