Group Board of Directors

Odran MaddenOdran Madden, Managing Director

Odran Madden is a Chartered Engineer with 17 years’ experience in the construction industry and 12 years’ experience at management level undertaking civil engineering and building construction projects of varying scales, values and complexities. He has worked for Coffey Group since graduating in 2000. Odran has gained extensive knowledge and experience in water, wastewater, road, rail, energy and specialist engineering projects. His role is to ensure that all projects are completed safely, to a high standard, to our clients’ satisfaction and that the project teams are provided with the necessary technical support and resources.


Simon CoffeySimon Coffey, Director of Business Development and Plant

Simon Coffey is a Chartered Engineer with 19 years’ experience in the construction industry and 12 years’ experience at senior management level. Simon has overseen projects of varying values, scales and complexities in both Ireland and the UK. Simon has extensive knowledge and experience in water, wastewater, earthworks, road, rail and specialist engineering projects.


Sean Coffey, Director of Human Resources and IT

Sean has worked in the building and civil engineering industry for 13 years. Prior to that, Sean worked in the IT industry as a Software Developer. Sean has led the development of innovative software solutions, which have been successfully applied for the efficient management of projects across the group. Sean was appointed Director of HR and IT at Coffey Group in 2015. Sean holds an MBA from NUIG Galway.


Olivia CoffeyOlivia Coffey, Director of Compliance and Corporate Governance

Olivia has worked in the civil engineering industry since joining Coffey Group in 2011. Prior to this,  Olivia worked for the UK Government Department of Health as a Senior Scientific Officer. Olivia was appointed Director of Compliance and Corporate Governance in 2015. Olivia held positions in the group Tendering Department before moving to work on our water metering project in 2013, and she currently manages Customer Care on the Water Network Programme contract for Irish Water.


Gary CoffeyGary Coffey, HSQE Director

Gary has worked in the construction industry for over 10 years, having first joined the Coffey Group in 2002.  He was instrumental in developing and implementing our Quality and Environmental Management Systems and achieving accreditation against ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. Gary oversees the preparation of all project quality and environmental plans and site waste management plans. Gary coordinates the management review of business functions and presents regular reports to the Board on our performance against our Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental objectives and internal Key Performance Indicators.


Mark Coffey, Property Director

Mark joined Coffey Group in 1993 and over the following 25 years has been involved in all of Coffey Group Property Developments. Mark was appointed Property Director in 1998 and has responsibility for all aspects of the companies property portfolio.



Directors :

Coffey Construction Ltd – Odran Madden (MD), Mark Coffey, Simon Coffey, Sean Coffey and Olivia Coffey. Mark Coffey (Sec)
Coffey Construction (I) Ltd – Odran Madden (MD), Mark Coffey, Simon Coffey, Gary Coffey and Olivia Coffey. Sean Coffey (Sec)
Coffey Water Ltd – Simon Coffey, Sean Coffey, Olivia Coffey and Gary Coffey. Gary Coffey (Sec)

Registered offices:

Coffey Construction Ltd: 107 Mere Grange, Leaside St. Helens, Merseyside WA9 5GG
Coffey Construction (I) Ltd: Moanbaun, Athenry, Co. Galway H65 Y078
Coffey Water Ltd: 1 O’Curry Street,  Limerick

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