The Coffey Groups’ Environmental Management System (EMS) has been tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients under the guidance of the NSAI using the ISO 14001:2004 standard as a framework. Coffey Water Ltd. have been certified as being ISO14001:2004 compliant since 2009. In May 2012 the Coffey Groups’ EMS was certified as compliant with ISO 14001:2004. In November 2017 the Coffey Groups’ EMS was certified as compliant with ISO 14001:2015 by the NSAI (UKAS accredited body).

The Coffey Group are aware of both current legislation and public awareness as regards environmental issues. Our main priority is to minimise environmental effects in all their forms at the project site and its environs. This includes not only such effects as air omissions, water discharges, pollution, waste, energy consumption, recycling etc., but also in the protection of employees and the public in the use of resources and in the minimisation of other disturbances to the project environs.


CPY-EN-001(12) Environmental Policy


NSAI ISO 14001 Group Certificate

IQNET ISO 14001 Certificate

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