Achill Sound Sewerage Scheme Contract No. 1 Mechanical & Electrical

Project Summary

The Scheme as a whole includes for construction of a system of Main Sewers to collect foul effluent from the Achill Sound catchment and convey the flow via a number of Pumping Stations to a new Sewage Treatment Work. The new Sewage Treatment Plant is being constructed on a site located in the town land of Achill Sound, approximately 1.5km from the Centre of Achill Sound Village with access off the Mulranny Road at the junction located between the Holy Trinity Church and Sweeney’s Garage.

Under the M&E Contract CWL scope included the design, manufacture, works tests, delivery to site, complete erection, testing, commissioning, site painting and maintenance for a twelve month period from the date of issue of a Taking Over Certificate of all process, mechanical and electrical works required at the following plants which form part of the Achill Sound Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sewage Collection System.

  1. The provision of a new treatment plant designed to treat effluent from a contribution population of 1,200 PE.
  2. The provision of a collection system with 5 No. Satellite Pumping Stations
  3. The provision of odour control equipment to ensure the statutory norms are met

The WWTP consists of the following:-

  • Inlet works with screens and flow measurement
  • Extended aeration with aeration tanks, clarifiers and RAS/WAS pumping
  • Inlet Pumping Station
  • Sludge holding tank (sludge thickening)
  • Storm water holding
  • Satellite Pumping Stations
  • Control building with Form 4 panels

The wastewater treatment plant has five of satellite pumping stations.  Old Railway Pump Station has the additional unit operation, sea level measurement. This is also relayed to the wastewater treatment plant by radio telemetry.

Odour control equipment was designed and installed to ensure the odour level within the site is within the consent level. Noise abatement system such as acoustic enclosures was provided to ensure that the noise level within the site is within consent level.

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