Slough Sewage Treatment Works

Project Summary

The project involved the extension to existing Thames Water sewage treatment works. The working involved predominately carrying out all design, erection, pouring and finishing all the reinforced concrete works associated with the new effluent system for the following structures.

Inlet Works; Detroiters; Primary Settlement Tanks; Aeration Lanes; Final Settlement Tanks; FST Distribution Chambers ; RAS Pumping Station; Raw Sludge Pumping Station and the Tertiary Treatment Tanks

The works also included all the associated drainage works and pipelines associated with the above elements, including several tie-ins to the existing system that had to be carried out at night when the plant could be shut down. The pipeline work was very complicated due to the fact that the existing services were unknown including the electricity, sewage and drainage as a result a lot of trial holes and hand digging was required to locate the services

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