Kaim Main Out

Project Summary

The primary objective of the project is to main out both Kaim and Dougliehill Water Treatment Works from Greenock Water Treatment Works.

Project Description

This project involved the construction, testing and commissioning of 11.2km of the pipeline. The pipeline was largely laid in agricultural land (9.0km) and 2.2km was laid within the A761km Kilmacolm Road in Port Glasgow. Of this 2.2km approximately half was within the town. Much of the excavation for the installation of the pipeline was undertaken in rocky ground. Traffic management and liaison with local landowners took place throughout the works.

Project Delivery

This project involved the construction/main out of Kaim and Doughliehill Water Treatment Works from Greenock Water treatment works. Details of the pipelines which were constructed are as follows:

  1. 11.3Km of pipe laid in total,
  • 4.7km of 560mm PE.
  • 0.4km of 500mm ductile iron.
  • 6.0km of 400mm PE.
  • 0.2km of 400mm ductile iron.

2. 5.1km of 100mm electrical duct

The works included, but are not limited to, all pipework, pipework installations (valves, tees, hydrants etc) and civils works.

The main was installed in a mix of both rural and urbanised areas. Complex traffic management was required for:

  • pipeline installation on single carriageway roads and
  • varied from 2way to 4way setups.
  • Work sections were up to 300m long, and often two pipelaying gangs operated on the same road with traffic management setups approximately 1km apart.

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