Balsham Water Recycling Centre

Project Summary

As part of the Anglian Water Framework, we completed a project on the Balsham Water Recycling Centre. The project involved the construction of the civils, non-infrastructure elements on a wastewater treatment site which consisted of a precast storm tank and an in-situ balancing chamber and pipework.

The works were required to bring the existing wastewater treatment plant up to the required specification and to improve the water quality before it is discharged into the adjacent watercourse.

The main earthworks involved the excavation of the foundation for the precast storm tank and in-situ balancing chamber. The excavated material was removed to a tip off-site. The foundations involved the construction of a 300mm deep plinth for the storm tank precast units. It contained two layers of A393 mesh and C32/40 concrete. The precast panels were placed on top of the plinth.

The main civil non-infrastructure elements that were constructed were the following:

  • In-situ balancing chamber which was 13.5m (L) x 2.5m (W) x 1.5m (H). The base was poured in one section using the concrete pump. The walls were poured in two pours. The benching was also placed and shaped.
  • The other main structure was the precast storm tank. This was supplied by Whites Precast. It consisted of seawall panels which were bolted together with a hydrophilic strip in between each joint. The units were placed on a plinth using a mobile crane. The 300mm concrete floor and ring beam poured to seal the units. Benching was also placed to slope the floor to the outlet pipework.

Drainage and pipework were also completed on this project.

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