Kinvara Sewerage Scheme Collection Network

Project Summary

This Contract was for the design and construction of the Kinvara Sewerage Collection Scheme and the maintenance thereafter.

Project Description

Works involved the design, construction, testing and commissioning of a new gravity sewer in Kinvara from the town centre to the interface with the WWTP Contract.

Works also included rehabilitation works, consumer connections, a petrol interceptor, footpath and road reconstruction works.

Project Delivery

  • The Design-Build Works undertaken under this Contract involved the design, construction, testing and commissioning of a new gravity combined sewer (approximate length 0.9km, most pipes were 675mm) in Kinvara town; from the Gort Road, along part of Main Street (East) and along the Quay Road and finally ending North West of the town within private lands where way leaves have been provided.
  • Installation of sewers included using open trench and No-Dig techniques (a trenchless solution was required at two locations and were approx. 35m and 12m long).
  • A separate Contract (Contract 2) provided for the construction of a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) that tied into this network to the west of the town.
  • Contract 1 included laying 37 new consumer connections for each connection from the property boundaries to the new sewer (and including inspection chambers).
  • Contract 1 also included for designing, constructing and installing the works so that under Contract 2, minor works (for example; cutting out pipework, re-benching, blocking or removing sewer manhole plugs) would be undertaken on the network to transfer all the Kinvara agglomeration sewage to the WWTP site.
  • Contract 1 also included for designing and installing additional sewers and infrastructure (Including a Petrol Interceptor) to allow the existing sewers that are in the ground, parallel to the proposed combined sewer, to be utilised as surface water sewers after the WWTP is constructed and the wastewater flows have been diverted from the existing outfall to the WWTP.
  • The Design-Build works also involved the rehabilitation of existing sewers, including relaying small sections of sewer, benching manholes, cleaning sewers and completing repairs to sewers where defects exist.
  • The contract included temporary (Sec.1) and permanent (Sec.2) reinstatement; both required obtaining a Road Closure Permit from Galway Co.Co.
  • There were programme constraints and time limitations due to local festivals and touristic character of the town.
  • Ecology was also a significant factor as Kinvara Bay is an important Shell Fishery Bay and is by the European Communities (Quality of Shellfish Waters) Regulations 2006, a designated shellfish water (Ecologist was employed).
  • Archaeologist (Rubicon Heritage) and Structural Surveyors (Brannigan Associates) were also employed to meet contract obligations.

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