Haweswater Phase 2 – Swindale Intake – Design and Build

Project Summary

The Swindale Intake supplies raw water to the Haweswater Impounding Reservoir, a key contributor to the water supply for Manchester via the Watchgate Water Treatment Plan (WTW) and the Haweswater Aqueduct system. The work was undertaken within the Lake District National Park and the Swindale Beck as part of a site of special interest (SSSI) and a special area of conservation (SAC) under the EU Habitats Directive. The purpose of the project was to design and construct a new intake facility with its abstraction flow based upon river flow in accordance with the Environment Agency (EA) and United Utilities (UU) Final Licence Agreement. The project also enables safe fish and eel migration past the intake facility provides suitable screening of intake flows and provides a crump weir to measure flows.

Project Description

The original prescribed methodology and programme for the works divided the project into different stages where in-river works would be carried out within the allowable seasons, and it was envisaged that the project would be carried out over three years. From the outset of the project, Coffey Construction engaged with the Environment Agency, UU and other affected stakeholders and presented a proposal to divert the Swindale Beck around the works area for the duration of the project through a temporary cutting. This extensive item of temporary works was readily agreed by UU and the EA as it meant that the demolition and construction works would be carried out in a controlled area, significantly reducing the risk to the environment from construction activities. The temporary diversion also enabled the works to be undertaken more efficiently and to be completed significantly ahead of programme.

The application of off-site fabrication, particularly precast concrete elements, also reduced the time spent on site and reduced the environmental risks and health and safety hazards. This contributed to an exemplary health and safety record with no reportable accidents.

Project Delivery

  • Temporary upgrading and maintenance of the six-mile-long access road to the site to cater for construction traffic, including installation and removal of six temporary bridges, which spanned over the existing masonry bridges
  • Demolition of the existing intake works, stilling pond, weir and fish pass
    A replacement river water abstraction screen to achieve 100% effectiveness against abstraction/entrainment of identified fish species
  • Construction of a reinforced concrete, stone-faced aqueduct surcharge chamber
  • A replacement fish pass to provide a minimum hands-off flow of 14Ml/d down the watercourse and to facilitate upstream and downstream migration of identified fish species
  • An eel pass at the intake facility and crump weir to facilitate upstream migration
  • A new crump weir for the measurement of river flows up to a maximum of 1450Ml/d in conjunction with a new flow control chamber to control abstracted flows up to a maximum of 450Ml/d discharging into the 72” Swindale Aqueduct
  • Local alignment of the Swindale Aqueduct
  • A stone wall and slate roof control building to blend in with the surrounding area
  • Temporary and permanent environmental measures, including temporary flood management
  • All associated mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, automation, testing and commissioning works
  • All associated site works, including, access roads, utilities, drainage, fencing and landscaping.

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