Graigcullen Water Supply Scheme

Project Summary

The project consisted of design, construction, commissioning and handover of the Graiguecullen Water Supply Scheme (WSS). It included a 1,850m3 reservoir, treatment plant, water mains, connection to the existing public water supply network and all associated buildings and site-works. Two source boreholes were also developed into production wells. The Graiguecullen WSS provided 1,500m3 of potable water per day to the existing local public water supply network.

The works included the following elements:

  • Installation of two submersible borehole pumps, wellheads and kiosks (on existing wells) with pressure, flow and level monitoring equipment for each well
  • Supply main from wells PA01 and PA02 to the treatment and control building
  • Construction of treatment and control building housing fluoridation, chlorination and manganese treatment facilities, control equipment and welfare facilities
  • Booster-pump and supply main from treatment and control building to reservoir
  • Design and construction of precast concrete reservoir providing 1,850m3 capacity for storage of treated water
  • Booster pumps and 200mm diameter distribution main from the reservoir to the existing supply
  • Reserve 200mm diameter distribution main from the reservoir to connect with an existing 200mm diameter main
  • Control kiosk for power-supply and connection to ESB meter
  • Standby generator and fuel tank with associated bund
  • Storage for Hydrofluosilicic acid with associated bund
  • Reservoir and well-head compounds with perimeter security fencing, gates, paved access roads and hardstand areas, kerbing, drainage and landscaping
  • All pipework, valves, bulk meters, hydrants and actuators associated with above items
  • All controls and instrumentation associated with above items.

On this project, CCL designed the M&E system, which included process and instrumentation design, design and selection of equipment (from multiple manufacturers and suppliers), development of a functional design specification (FDS) and controls philosophy. We installed all equipment, including wiring and instrumentation installation. Our supervisory controls and data acquisition (SCADA) systems integrator subcontractor, then wrote the code and logic to make the entire process work as per the design. On completion of the SCADA integration, we then commissioned the system in a phased manner and prepared operation and maintenance manuals, which included all commissioning data.

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