Kilmallock Wastewater Treatment Works DBO Contract

Project Summary

Kilmallock WWTW ’s is a design-build-operate contract for the construction of a 4000PE wastewater treatment works.   The design was undertaken by Coffey Water Ltd and Ryan Hanley Consulting Engineers.

Works consisted of an underground pump station with 350m3 stormwater screening and retention tank, with stormwater return pumping.  The works included the laying of pumped and gravity sewer lines and associated manholes.  The main process works consisted of an in-situ reinforced concrete structure forming two 800m3 sequence batch reactors, one 170m3 sidestream reactor, a raised inlet works area and bunded process areas for flood protection.   In addition to the in-situ concrete structure, the works included a sludge dewatering building/control building, buried 40m3 precast concrete tank, glass-lined steel tank, weighbridge and a 500m access roadway.


The mechanical and electrical works included the complete installation of ductile iron pipework EN598, onsite and offsite fabrication of stainless steel equipment, and the supply of pumping, screening, aeration and mixing equipment.  The works consisted of the design, supply, installation, commissioning and operation of the works.

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