Naas Road QBC – Red Cow to Long Mile Road

Project Summary

Infrastructural works on the Naas Road, from the Red Cow to the Long Mile Road.

Project Description

The site is located on the inbound and outbound lanes of the existing Naas Road (R110) between the Red Cow interchange and the Longmile Road junction. The site is 900m approximately in length in both the inbound and outbound carriageways.

Project Delivery

The scope of the works on the Naas Road QBC Phase IV works comprises the following:

  • The re-designation of the existing near-side traffic lane to a quality bus corridor (inbound and outbound carriageways) including new road construction and surfacing of 650m2
  • Installation of approx. 700m of dedicated cycle track in each direction, comprising 1240m2 of surfacing
  • Dishing of footpaths at crossovers and premises including construction of 500m2 of new 100mm footpath
  • Design and installation of 4 new bus stops including passenger shelters and 85m of Kassal kerbs
  • Upgrade of a tactile interface at Luas crossings.
  • Upgrade of tactile paving at the base of ramp/road surface.
  • Installation of dropped kerbs and tactile paving at Club Road and Killeen Road
  • Installation of 450m of new in-situ concrete kerbing
  • Installation of 700m of new 125mm ESB ducting to new bus shelters
  • Erection of 37no new road signs and replacement of gantry mounted signs over the carriageway on both inbound and outbound lanes
  • Adjusting levels of numerous chamber and manhole covers to suit new layout.

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