Kildare Route Project

Project Summary

Rail & Civil engineering work carried out on the main Galway to Dublin Line.

Project Description

Rail & Civil engineering work carried out on the main Galway to Dublin Line. The project involved widening the embankments and bridges to allow for two extra tracks on the north side of the existing railway line and the refurbishment of the railway station at Hazelhatch.

Project Delivery

Contract 3 extends from Stacumny at chainage 17000m to Hazelhatch at chainage 20140m. The construction works limited to this site are as follows:

  • The provision of two extra tracks on the Upside (North side) of the existing railway line to create a four-track system to the immediate north of the existing rail corridor. The four tracks will extend from chainage 17000m to chainage 19240m. At chainage 19240m, both the Up fast and Up slow together with the Down Fast and Down Slow will merge back into single Up and Downline, i.e. the four-track arrangement will taper to two tracks.
  • The provision of an upgraded and extended train stations at Hazelhatch. The station will involve the construction of new platforms including island platforms and a pedestrian bridge which will span over the railway line.
  • The installation and commissioning of lighting, electrical, and water cables, ducts and pipes.
  • The construction of retaining wall structures along the railway corridor, some of which form a boundary to the rear of existing residential houses.
  • The construction of earthwork embankments and undertaking earthworks cuttings to widen the rail corridor.
  • Site clearance of existing scrub, bushes and falling of mature trees.
  • Landscaping along the railway embankments and cuttings including the planting of trees, scrubs and grass.
  • The demolition of overbridges No. 21, 23 and 25 and their replacement with new bridge structures. Bridges 21 and 25 will be of precast prestressed concrete composite construction with reinforced concrete abutments. Bridge 23 will be a steel structure.
  • The construction of trackside maintenance roads running parallel to the route with access points off public roads.
  • The installation of new boundary treatment works along the railway corridor.
  • The installation of a new track drainage system, both open drain and closed pipe.
  • The extension of existing underbridges and culverts running under the existing railway line.
  • The construction of a new roundabout and road along Hazelhatch link road.
  • The construction of precast concrete and in-situ concrete retaining walls, box culverts and an in-situ river bridge (Shinkin River) associated with Hazelhatch link road.

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