Dodder River Coastal Flood Alleviation Work

Project Summary

Dodder River- Final Section of coastal Flood Alleviation Work-left bank at Lansdowne Road.

Project Description

This contract required sheet piling to be installed along the left bank of the Dodder River between the DART railway line and New Bridge, Lansdowne Road. The sheet piling extended for a length of 157m and the piles were 6.5m long. The sheet piles were to support a stone-clad concrete wall that together will act as the floodwater containment system.

Project Delivery

The piles were installed using a vibrationless jacking system which is a silent piling technique.  Oil booms were used to contain any possible oil spills and spill kits were available on site at all times. As some works took place at night, we made house to house calls to explain the nature and duration of the work.

The works consisted of mobilisation of equipment, transportation of piles through the site, driving of piles to the required line and level to stringent tolerances, cutting of piles at changes of levels and demobilisation.

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