Repairs to Walls at Portland Place Royal Canal Dublin

Project Summary

The contract involved the repairs to walls of the canal at a collapsed section and an increase in width of the walkway by 500mm by the use of sheet piles. The piles were clad in stonework to the outer face and have a concrete cast capping to the top. The total length of the wall is 86m. Approximately 21m of the existing wall has collapsed. In addition, an existing high level retaining wall to the back of the walkway was taken down and rebuilt over a distance of some 15m.

Project Description

The main elements of the works are as follows:

  • Demolition of 15m of an existing retaining wall and construction of a ramped access.
  • The protective underpinning of an existing GAS main with I section piles and lean mix concrete.
  • Removal of existing sections of concrete wall that have collapsed.
  • Installation of a sheet piling retaining wall and construction of a concrete capping. Construction of Clad foundation.
  • Installation of a steel support angle and facing of the piles of masonry.
  • Reinstatement of the walkway surfacing
  • The rebuilding of the high level retaining wall in mass concrete, blockwork and masonry.

Project Delivery


Excavation works at the abutments of both Bridges


A 500x300mm foundation was poured for the cladding along the front face of the sheet piles at bed level for the full 86m length.


140m2 of 150mm thick masonry cladding was constructed along the face of the newly installed sheet piles. The water level in the canal was dropped to the minimum to allow these works to be carried out in dry conditions.

Slope Stabilisation 

Installation of Sheetpile along 86m of the canal wall to stabilise existing walkway.

Specialist Engineering

Installation of 6.0m long sheet piles along the canal wall from a 50t steel pontoon using a 35t excavator and movax piling hammer.

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