M9 River Avon Bridge Deck Replacement

Project Summary

Main Contractor for the refurbishment of the M9 River Avon Bridge near Linlithgow, West Lothian.

Project Description

Main Contractor for the refurbishment of the M9 River Avon Bridge near Linlithgow, West Lothian.  Works included traffic management (non-lane rental), exposure of the concrete structure, replacement of expansion joints, concrete repairs, drainage repairs, bridge waterproofing, new road restraint system, precast concrete kerbing, resurfacing and road markings and studs.

Project Delivery

Drainage improvements included filling existing gullies and constructing 40 new gullies offset from the carriageway.  Damaged concrete on the bridge deck was repaired using hydro-demolition to expose the reinforcement.  The expansion joints were renewed in accordance with Part 6 BB33/94 of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges.  The waterproofing was spray applied and included a SA1030 bond coat.  The overall works site was approximately 1000 metres long, with two temporary cross-overs and a tidal contra-flow traffic management system.

All works were carried out in accordance with the works specification and to the satisfaction of the supervising Engineer.

Removal of areas of damaged concrete by  Contraflow in place on M9 hydro demolition

The Form of Contract used by Transport Scotland for this project was the ICE 5th Edition.  All aspects of the contract were complied with, and although the tender price increased by 36% due to additionally instructed works, the final account was agreed easily and quickly.  Our contract programme was accepted by the Employer’s Representative at the start of the project, and we were able to carry out the instructed additional works within the 7-week original programme duration, and most critically within the advertised periods when the Motorway contraflows were planned to be in operation.

Because the nature of the works was in part investigative, we maintained close liaison with the client’s design team throughout the project and a very positive working relationship was established.  We used a number of sub-contractors on the project (for hydro-demolition, waterproofing and surfacing), and each positively contributed to our weekly coordination meetings.  A key aspect of the works was the development of Traffic Management System designs and approval of these by Transport Scotland.  Our own TM experts worked closely with our sub-contractor, Central Traffic Management, and the TM design, approval and implementation process went very smoothly.  Advance notice of the works was provided through variable message signs.

Coffey Construction was Main Contractor and Principal Contractor for this project, and fully discharged all responsibilities of the PC throughout the project.

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