Dunblane Station Access

Project Summary

This project resulted from Stirling Council wishing to improve the station forecourt and the bottom of the High Street incorporating high-quality paving and shared surfacing immediately following completion of the refurbishment and strengthening works to the adjacent Allan Water Bridge.


Project Description

The project involved the site clearance of street furniture, including benches, bins, tree grilles, signs, cycle stands, and bollards, much of which were retained and returned to Sterling Council’s stores. Concrete steps, kerbs, edgings, road markings and bus stops were also cleared. Drainage works then commenced including the installation of new 225 and 150 diameter drainage and the installation of aco channels. Associated manholes, gullies etc. were also installed or altered. Other drainage pipework was retained or made redundant. SSEPD completed the diversion of an LV cable during the project to facilitate the improvement works.

Project Delivery

On completion of the drainage works, new surfaces were installed. These included new asphalt carriageways to roads, new surface courses to shared foot and cycleways. Paving finishes included Caithness stone paving flags, granite setts, Whinstone sets and granite blister slabs.

The completed project involved the reconfiguration of the roads and paths to include footway widening, one of which included a new cycleway, the creation of a high quality shared space area and resurfacing to the roads. The shared space area included extensive paving, retention of an existing tree, and the installation of bollards, cycle stands, benches, bins and bespoke signage. New rubble stone walls were constructed, as well as a retaining wall and brick wall. New sandstone planters were also installed and new trees were planted.

On the roadways, new pedestrian crossings and central reservations were formed, as well as loading bays, controlled parking bays, disabled bays and taxi ranks. A slip road was also closed and replaced with car parking. A number of pay and display meters were installed along the roadways. A new bus stop was formed as well as a new bus shelter, and and the existing bus stop was retained. New street lighting was installed throughout the works area, and traffic signage was also installed.

This project incorporates a 52 week maintenance period for roadworks and a 156 week (3 years) maintenance period for landscaping.

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