Tobermaclugg Pump Station and Storm Water Tank

Project Summary

Adamstown Strategic Drainage, Tobbermaclugg Pumping Station, Lucan, Co Dublin.


Project Description

This project involved the design, construction and commissioning of a wastewater pumping station, stormwater attenuation tank and associated pipework at Tobermaclugg Park, serving the Adamstown residential development, South Dublin.  Adamstown is a new residential development located 16km west of Dublin City Centre, on the edge of the existing built-up area of Lucan. The Tobermaclugg pumping station transfers the foul water emanating from the Adamstown development catchment to the existing Lucan Clondalkin drainage scheme using twin rising mains.

Project Delivery

Six pumps and associated kiosk and controls were installed with a total pumping capacity of 110 l/s. The ultimate design capacity of the pumping station is 355 l/s for a population of 67,920.  The stormwater storage tank is 2,400 m3.

The following tanks were constructed using reinforced concrete:
Storm Water Tank 24.7m x 18m x 8.6m deep
Dry well tank 24.7m x 18.0m x 8.6m deep
Wet well tank 4.6m x 5.8m x 8.5m deep

100 linear metres approx. of the 2100mm Dia. pipe was laid along with varying lengths of the smaller pipe sizes connecting the pumping station.  Extensive ductile iron pipework and ancillary works were required within the pumping station structure and administration building.

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