Feakle, Scariff and Quilty WWTP’s DBO, Co. Clare

Project Summary

This project involves the design, construction and 20-year operation of three new wastewater treatment plants in County Clare.

The treatment process consists of inlet pumping, preliminary screening, inlet buffer tank, twin lane sequencing batch reactors (SBR’s), tertiary filtration, final effluent outfall, sludge thickening and storage.

Project Description

Inlet Structure: A reinforced concrete inlet substructure was constructed to house the grit removal and screening equipment. The channel was a complex structure with varying heights and had a series of baffle walls and weir plates to control the flow into to tanks and a splitter chamber.

Stormwater storage tanks: the tanks had a size of 5.1m x 3.7m x 4.5m. On the Scariff site, the tank was constructed using reinforced concrete. On the other two sites, a precast concrete system was used.

Aeration Tanks: Reinforced concrete tanks were constructed. There were separate lanes and baffle walls within the tank.

Miscellaneous: There were numerous concrete plinths and bases constructed around the site for various elements of the M&E equipment. There were tanks in the sludge area constructed using reinforced concrete. Various reinforced and precast chamber were used around the site

New Control Buildings: The buildings are constructed from SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) on a reinforced concrete slab.  All the control panels for the contract are within the buildings. The buildings are equipped with all domestic services and alarm equipment.

Pipelines: Outfall pipelines and associated diffusers. All underground Process pipework and services. Various interconnecting pipework around the site. Site drainage, run-off and internal building drainage.  All ducting works around the site for M&E equipment and lighting were laid as part of the contract.

Ground Works

  • Facilities for the collection of skips and containers, whenever necessary.
  • Provision of electricity water and other services to the site and plant.
  • Access and site roads.
  • Landscaping and planting of the site.
  • Security fencing including access gates.

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