Ballymore Eustace Water Supply Scheme

Project Summary

The construction of a New reservoir and 14Km of pressure pipeline and associated valves and chambers. Secondary chlorination facilities at Dowdenstown reservoir, including a new instrumentation building.


The pipeline can be split into a number of sections.

  • Ballymore Eustace WTW:

Headworks connections at Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Works in which an 800mm dia. ductile iron watermain was connected directly into the existing 27″ dia. outlet from the Chlorine Contact Tank. This 800mm dia main subsequently branched into two no. pipelines: a 600mm dia supply main to Naas and a short length of 700mm dia. main.

  • Ballymore Eustace WTW to Dowdenstown Reservoir:

The 600mm dia. DI main laid through fields from Ballymore Eustace WTW towards St. John’s Church on the eastern side of Ballymore Eustace village. Shortly after the church, the pipeline connects to the existing 15″ dia. main and reduces to 500mm dia., which laid within the road carriageway/ footpath through the village. From Ballymore Eustace village to Dowdenstown reservoir, the pipeline follows the R411 Ballymore Eustace – Naas road, generally laid within fields, but occasionally within the road reservation. At Dowdenstown, the pipeline connects to the existing reservoir.

  • Dowdenstown Reservoir:

Two no. new inlet connections and two no. new outlet connections were required at the existing concrete twin-compartment reservoir at Dowdenstown. Under this contract, permanent telemetry and chlorination facilities were installed at the reservoir site, including a new building to house chlorine dosing equipment and a telemetry kiosk. Bulk chlorine will be stored in an external tank, constructed as part of this contract. A new 5.5m wide access road will be constructed from the R411 Ballymore Eustace –Naas road, reducing to 3.5m wide up to the reservoir site.

  • Dowdenstown Reservoir to Nass:

A 450mm dia DI main laid from Dowdenstown reservoir, generally through fields and road verge alongside, the R411 to watch house crossroads and alongside the woodpack road to beggars end crossroads. The pipeline was then laid within the wide road verge on the Nass / Blessington road (R410) to Nass where connections were made to both the existing8” dia Nass supply main and the 12” dia Nass ring main. A cross connection for the new watermain to the existing 15” dia main was also made at swordlestown.

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