Young Street / Huntly Street Junction Improvements, Inverness, Scotland

Project Summary

Coffey Construction was the main contractor for this project to improve this important 4-way junction in the centre of Inverness.

Project Description

The works included removal of four traffic islands, existing foot ways, tactile paving, traffic signals, street lighting and CCTV column; protection of existing utilities including a gas main; replacement of manhole covers and frames; planing and macadam reinstatement to carriageway and foot ways; installation of 125m2 of Caithness granite slabs, tactile paving and granite kerbs; road markings, including pedestrian crossing markings and road studs; installation of ducting, pre-formed access chambers and poles for public lighting and traffic signals; and removal of the existing bridge expansion joint, cleaning out of the abutment gallery and inspection of the bridge bearings, and installation of a new 26m long BEJ5 expansion joint.

Project Delivery

This project involved the completion of elements of work similar to Manchester City Council Highways framework including:

  • Earthworks – Minor excavation works
  • Drainage and Ducting – New drainage and ducting construction works and minor alterations to existing
  • Highways – Construction of new highways and road junctions. Also maintenance and repairs of existing
  • Kerbs and Footways – Laying of new kerb lines and full footway construction, including new paving
  • Signs and Markings – Installation of road traffic signs, and the laying and removal of road markings
  • Street Lighting – Management and installation of new street lighting columns, brackets and heads,
  • Landscaping – Soft landscaping works, including seeding, tree replacement etc.
  • Bridges – The maintenance of existing bridge structure

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