Dublin Outer Ring Road (Kingswood to Adamstown)

Project Summary

The Outer Ring Road – N7 to Adamstown Roundabout is a new dual carriageway regional distributor road linking the N7 National Primary Route at Kingswood, to a proposed new roundabout, servicing the Adamstown Area in Clondalkin west County Dublin. The scheme is intended to service existing and proposed new residential and industrial development areas, including Adamstown and Grange Castle Business Park.  The scheme also improves linkages between the towns of Lucan, Clondalkin and Tallaght, within the South County Dublin Area.



Project Description

The scheme is approximately 4.7km in length, with further accommodation roads and interchange ramps.  There are five roundabouts and a grade-separated interchange with the N7 at Kingswood on the scheme.  There are also bridge crossings of the Grand Canal and the Kildare Railway Line, together with additional drainage culverts, including a culvert crossing of the river Cammock.

The corridor for the proposed extends from Adamstown roundabout south to the N7 at Kingswood, Crossing the Cork-Dublin Railway Line, Lynches Lane, the Grand Canal, Nangor Road and the River Cammock along the route.

In addition to the Adamstown Roundabout, roundabout junctions are proposed at Clonburris Little, at Grange Castle, at the Nangor Road and Baldonnell Road, along with the N7 Interchange North and South Roundabouts, the corridor for which runs parallel and to the north of the Dublin-Cork Railway line.

Project Delivery

The ORR scheme includes the construction of three bridge structures as follows:

  • Cork Railway Line
  • Bridgend Canal Bridge
  • N7 Interchange Bridge

The scope of the works undertaken by Coffey Construction is as follows:

Excavation for bridge foundations and road construction

  • Road construction of approximately 4.7km of 2×2 lane dual carriageway including embankments and paving.
  • The construction of 5 at-grade roundabouts (Baldonnell, Nangor Road, Grange Castle, Clonburris Little and Adamstown)
  • The construction of an interchange bridge crossing of the N7 at Kingswood
  • The construction of a bridge over the Grand Canal
  • The construction of a bridge over the Kildare Railway Line
  • Culvert crossing of River Cammock
  • Road marking and traffic signs

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