Coffey Completes Water Mains Replacement on N72 Lismore-Ballymartin Road, Co. Waterford

Coffey have completed the replacement of 1.76km of aged water mains along the N72 Lismore-Ballymartin Road in Co. Waterford as part of Irish Water’s National Leakage Reduction Programme.

Coffey, working on behalf of Irish Water and in conjunction with Waterford County Council have completed the replacement of approximately 1.76km of water mains along the N72 Lismore – Ballymartin Road in Co. Waterford. The project commenced in late April 2021 and was completed in late May ahead of schedule.  The successful completion of this project improves security of water supply, reduces high levels of leakage, and improves water quality for customers in the area.

The works programme replaced the old 60mm UPVC water mains with a new 90mm HDPE along with all the associated assets such as House Connections, Fire Hydrants Sluice Valves and Air Valves.  Coffey utilised a directional drilling approach rather than conventional trenching technique. This method significantly reduced traffic disruption and damage to the road surface of the N72.  There was no requirement to cordon off long sections of the road during the works and any damage to the road surface was limited to small sections at 100m intervals rather than along the whole stretch of the N72.

The directional drilling approach allowed Coffey to replace 400m of pipe per day compared to the 100m a day if open trenching was used. This faster rate allowed the project to be completed ahead of schedule.  Working in this manner reduced traffic disruption and caused less inconvenience for local residents during the project.

The successful delivery of N72 Lismore-Ballymartin Road project creates numerous benefits for stakeholders of Irish Water.  Customers will benefit from improved water quality and security of supply through a reduction in pipe bursts and other such events.  Waterford County Council will benefit from a reduced maintenance workload, a reduction in emergency callouts to repair leaks and complaints about water supply. Completion of this project means Irish Water are reducing the volumes of clean drinking water lost into the ground because of leaks and delivering on the objectives of the National Leakage Reduction Programme.

Thanks to Francis Cash and John Dillon for providing details on this job.

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