Tubbercurry Removed from EPA National List of Priority Areas

The new public wastewater treatment plant in Tubbercurry, completed by Coffey in 2020, has been consistently meeting EU treatment standards in the interim, and as a result, the EPA has removed it from the national list of priority areas. 

Coffey, working on behalf of Irish Water, completed the new wastewater treatment plant at Tubbercurry  in 2020. Rigorous testing of the treated water has been ongoing in the intervening period and results have found it to be consistently meeting EU treatment standards. As a result, the EPA has removed Tubbercurry from the national list of priority areas and enforcement efforts to drive improvements in environmental compliance have been discontinued in the area. 

The Tubbercurry wastewater treatment plant was part of the Tubbercurry, Grange, Strandhill, and Ballinafad Wastewater Treatment Plant Bundle DBO Contract awarded by Irish water in January 2018. The works commenced in February and involved the upgrade of wastewater treatment plants serving three towns and one village in County Sligo. Tubbercurry is the second largest town in Sligo County with a population of 1,750 residents. The project required Coffey to replace the ageing plant serving the town as it was unable to treat wastewater to meet the requirements of the EU Urban Wastewater Treatment Regulations. The project was completed in June 2020. 

Coffey completed the design and build of the project and the plant is currently in its 7-year operation cycle, the works included the construction of: 

• Site infrastructure – lighting, roads and footpaths 

• Gravity sewer pipelines 

• Rising mains 

• Administration buildings 

• Sludge thickening facilities 

• Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control, automation and telemetry equipment 

Works also included testing and commissioning of the equipment, design and installation of temporary works, progressing of planning approvals, environmental, archaeological and ecological planning and management.  

The successful completion of this project ensures that wastewater is treated and discharged in compliance with the Urban Wastewater Treatment Regulations and with the conditions of the Wastewater Discharge Licence (WWDL) issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The upgrade allows for future economic development and improved water quality in the town and surrounding areas.  

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