National Leakage Reduction Programme – Grotto Square – Carlow

The Irish Water ‘Find & Fix’ scheme is the active identification of underground leaks in the water network by leak detection experts using underground sound equipment in public areas to locate and repair those leaks. Coffey is an approved contractor on the scheme and recently completed a repair at Grotto Square, New Oak Estate, Carlow, Co. Carlow under the programme.

Enabling works involved the replacement of defective Sluice Valves and Tee Connections – it was not possible to shut off the network for leak repairs with these existing assets hence their replacement prior to commencement of the actual repair works. Two new Sluice Valves and Tee connections were installed with the works completed at night to minimise customer disruption. The repair works involved removal of existing defective online Sluice Value; the replacement of 100mm uPVC main which was leaking with two new sections of DN100 Ductile Iron Main and the installation of new DN100 Sluice Valve and Tee Connection. The footpaths were made good after the works were completed to finish off the job.

Thanks to Francis Cash for providing details on the work carried out and supplying the pictures.