Coffey Sponsors the Annual Pasta Bridge Competition at the University of Galway

At Coffey, we believe in nurturing the next generation of engineers. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor the annual “Pasta Bridge” competition at the University of Galway, a unique and engaging challenge for first-year engineering students.

This competition is more than just a fun activity; it’s a testing ground for budding engineers to apply their theoretical knowledge to a practical task. Armed with only spaghetti pasta and hot glue, teams must design and build the most structurally efficient bridge possible. It’s a true testament to their grasp of engineering principles, requiring creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork to excel. Coffey awards a total of €600 in prizes for the top three positions, recognising outstanding achievement and encouraging healthy competition.

This year’s competition saw some truly impressive bridge designs, pushing the limits of spaghetti and hot glue engineering. The winning bridge held an impressive 25.455 kg with a weight of only 0.394 kg, demonstrating exceptional structural efficiency. Congratulations to the winning team of Mai McMahon, Katelyn Murphy, Oisin Naughton, and Gary O’Sullivan.

Winners of the University of Galway Pasta Bridge Competition – 2024

Second place (Left) went to the team of Shane Roe, Tadhg Scanlon, Darog Bennett, and Callum Caulfield, whose bridge with a 0.410 kg mass held a maximum load of 25.012 kg. In third place (Right) was the team of Ben Donohoe, Michael Faherty, Cara Finnegan, and Emer Finucane, whose bridge weighing 0.442 kg held a maximum load of 21.260 kg.

Beyond the competition itself, we also see this event as an opportunity to connect with future engineers. Eoin Colgan, our Director of Engineering, had the pleasure of presenting the prizes and sharing an insightful presentation about career prospects at Coffey with the students. We’re committed to supporting their growth and development, and witnessing their passion and ingenuity at the “Pasta Bridge” competition fills us with confidence for the future of the engineering field.

Join us in congratulating the talented participants of this year’s “Pasta Bridge” competition! We look forward to seeing their innovative solutions shaping the world in the years to come.