Coffey upgrading the Enfield Wastewater Treatment Plant using sustainable SDRB technology.

Coffey is currently working on the Enfield Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade in collaboration with Uisce Éireann Irish Water and Meath County Council. The primary objective of this project is to enhance the plant’s capacity and ensure compliance with national and EU legislation.

The upgrade will involve the following:

• Expanding the plant to serve a Population Equivalent (PE) of 6,200 residents, with Civil Infrastructure sized for a PE of 9,000.

• Constructing new settlement tanks, outfall pipes, and reed beds for sludge treatment.

• Installing transfer pipelines beneath the river Blackwater to connect the existing plant with the new Wastewater Treatment Plant.

• Undertaking flood defence works to reduce the risk of flooding at the site.

• Constructing a sludge import facility.

Once completed, the Enfield Wastewater Treatment Plant will provide the local community with the following benefits:

• A more reliable and efficient wastewater treatment system.

• Protection of the environment and public health.

• Reduced energy consumption and associated carbon emissions.

• Increased capacity to support social and economic growth in the area.

• Compliance with national and EU wastewater legislation.

• Enhanced biodiversity at the site and elimination of the need for chemicals in the treatment process.

The project incorporates Sludge Drying Reed Beds (SDRB) technology, which is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for treating sludge from wastewater. SDRBs utilise reeds to naturally treat sludge, reducing transport movements, emissions, and carbon sequestration from the atmosphere.

Please contact us on 091 844 356 or email for more details on this project, the other works we have underway with Uisce Éireann, and our other projects throughout Ireland and the UK.