Coffey Upgrade of Enfield Wastewater Treatment Plant with Sustainable Technology

Enhancing Enfield’s Wastewater Treatment for a Sustainable Future

Coffey, in partnership with Uisce Éireann and Meath County Council, is committed to modernising the Enfield Wastewater Treatment Plant, ensuring the community’s wastewater infrastructure meets the demands of a growing population while embracing sustainable practices. This project is a testament to our dedication to delivering efficient and environmentally responsible wastewater treatment solutions.

Capacity Expansion to Meet Growing Needs

To accommodate the increasing wastewater needs of approximately 6,200 residents, we are expanding the plant’s capacity with the addition of new settlement tanks and outfall pipes, as well as 11 reed beds. This enhanced infrastructure will ensure the plant can accommodate future growth of up to 9,000 residents, fostering a sustainable development path for Enfield.

Sustainable Sludge Treatment with Sludge Drying Reed Beds (SDRBs)

We are adopting a sustainable approach to sludge treatment by incorporating Sludge Drying Reed Beds (SDRBs) technology. This innovative solution utilises reeds to naturally treat sludge, minimising environmental impact and eliminating the need for chemical additives.

SDRB Implementation: Embracing Nature’s Power

In collaboration with Wildgoose Environmental, we are designing, constructing, and commissioning 11 SDRBs at the Enfield site. These beds provide an ideal environment for reeds to thrive, effectively treating sludge through a combination of physical and biological processes.

Benefits of SDRB Technology: A Harmony with Nature

  • Dewatering and Drying: Reed roots absorb water from sludge, promoting dewatering and drying.
  • Microbiological Breakdown: Microorganisms within the sludge break down organic matter, reducing sludge volume and stabilising it into a mineralized compost.
  • Extended Service Life: Reed beds typically operate for 8-12 years without requiring sludge removal, contributing to reduced transportation emissions.
  • Enhancing Biodiversity: Reed beds attract beneficial insects and birds, fostering biodiversity at the plant site.

Efficient Operations for Enhanced Protection

The upgraded Enfield Wastewater Treatment Plant will not only manage the increased wastewater demands of a growing community but also operate with greater efficiency and reliability. This translates to enhanced protection of public health and adherence to stringent environmental regulations.

Coffey: Your Partner in Sustainable Water Solutions

Coffey is proud to play a significant role in this transformative project, showcasing our expertise in sustainable infrastructure development. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative and environmentally responsible solutions that support their communities’ long-term growth and sustainability.

Contact Coffey at +353 (0)91 844356 to discuss the Enfield WwTP project in more detail or discover how we can assist you in achieving your sustainability targets in relation to wastewater treatment.

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