Saggart Reservoir Update – Hot Tapping 4.5 Mega Litre Water Storage Tank

Coffey is building a new reservoir in Saggart for Irish Water, Dublin City Council and South Dublin County Council. This flagship project involves the construction of a new 100 million litre covered treated storage reservoir that will help to safeguard the water supply to homes and businesses in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) for the foreseeable future.

There are three no. reservoir tanks 1.2 Mega Litre, 4.5 Mega Litre and 13 Mega Litre concrete water storage tanks on the Saggart site. These storage tanks are fed via a 1600mm concrete macrete feed pipe originating at Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment plant. In the course of the works, the macrete feed pipe will be diverted, and two of three storage tanks will be demolished to accommodate construction of the new reservoir. Coffey/Waterworx has completed a 900 dia. ‘hot-tapping’ connection to the 4.5 Mega Litre tank to facilitate an interim 1600 dia. pipeline bypass connection. The 1600 dia. feed will reduce to a 900 dia. feed which in turn will connect and tie to the hot tap connection piece.

Please call 091 844356, email on or check for more details on the works we are completing on behalf of Irish Water and our other clients.

Thanks to Seamus Conneely & Pearse Scanlon for providing the content & images for this update.